How to make Online Ordering from your Restaurants an enjoyable, convenient“experience”

March 25, 2020

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to online ordering. Make it simple, convenient and enjoyable for your valued online guests to come back time and time again.

There is a major problem in the restaurant industry today, on both the restaurant business and consumer ends. For the restaurant business, margin killing commissions when working with third party delivery are causing more and more restaurants to go out of business. On the consumer side, they are being asked to download and register, and navigate across endless screens when all they want is to place a fast and simple order when they are hungry, and have their food on the way.


There is a solution for the pains on both sides of the equation.  Say2eat is a solution for the sole purpose of eliminating these pains and barriers. By providing commission-free delivery on the business end, and an “Omni-Channel” Ordering experience on the consumer end, Say2eat is breaking down barriers and pains points on both ends with one fell swoop.

This is truly no magic trick or act of god, and should have been the reality all along. It is extremely simple but changes the game exponentially. Say2eat’s commission-free delivery service provides a healthier financial delivery model while giving restaurants back full control of their customers. In tandem, Say2eat’s “Omni-Channel” Ordering services create simplicity and convenience when ordering online, wherever and however your customers prefer. Within it’s Omni-Channel Ordering, Say2eat offers a more traditional website ordering experience for old fashioned, non tech savvy consumers, while supplementing that with online ordering directly within Facebook Messenger and Instagram, to meet and transact with customers at scale where they naturally spend 90% their time (Over 57% of the US population frequents Messenger and Instagram). This allows restaurants to offer convenient, simple ordering to every type of consumer, regardless of age, personal preference, or type of device.


All across the country and throughout the restaurant industry, restaurant operators are slowly waking up and smelling the roses. They are finally realizing that they have truly been “duped” by third party delivery companies, becoming nothing more than a “virtual kitchen” working for the third party delivery company, and not the other way around as it should have been and as they may have lead you to believe. That is not a sustainable business model, and will more than likely cause a restaurant to close its doors as we are increasingly seeing every single week. Enough! No more margin killing commissions, no more surrendering your branding and customers just to offer delivery.


Say2eat exists for the sole purpose of getting rid of commissions with delivery, giving restaurants back full control of their branding, online sales, customer data and relationships and more, while offering simplified ordering that has a convenient ordering option for any type of customer. This, while offering a forward thinking, frictionless ordering solution that is truly embedded and pre-installed in the lives and phones of over 57% of the US population, within their favorite daily used channels in Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Let’s talk about affordable, commission-free delivery for restaurant businesses, and easy, fast, convenient ordering for your customers without all the nonsense. Book a time to speak with us today to start with Say2Eat