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Who are we?

The Internet Marketing Consulting Group is a team of highly skilled web developers, designers, and marketing experts with specialized skill-sets in a variety of fields. We have developed high-traffic, high-quality websites that incorporate the best practices for today’s internet marketing. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization has made our company the designers of choice for anyone looking to get incredible, powerful results at an affordable rate.


Over the years we have built up a repertoire of abilities in a diverse range of fields so we can work closely with you to turn your site into a finely tuned machine. Our distinguished team offers you the opportunity to increase your business through the creation of powerfully effective marketing strategies, incorporation of best SEO practices, development of your company’s brand identity, and engagement in social media marketing.

We are professionals. Above all else, we hold ourselves to the highest of ethical and personal standards. By working with our team, you guarantee the best possible experience for yourself. Do your website and your company a favor. Call or email us today and take the first step in the right direction to grow your online presence. You can’t go wrong with Nick Ponte Marketing!



Our team has mastered every skill needed to become successful designers, developers, and consultants. Some of the premium quality services offered by our team include:


We have the ability to massively boost your website traffic. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms used by search engines like Google, we work with your existing site content to enhance the online visibility of your business; this ensures that your site is the top hit on the front page of any search.


Our development team consists of creative experts who are constantly working to further perfect their craft. With an arsenal of skills that include HTML5, Javascript, PHP, and CSS3 coding we are able to develop highly responsive and smart websites, ideal for any online business location. We create a value proposition for your prospects that will consistently make them want to visit your site. All this is paired with professional graphic design skills to give you a visually stunning, elegant website that can attract and retain new customers like never before!


Trying to boost your revenue too? Our services don’t stop at SEO services and increasing potential customer traffic. By using expert coding and making the right tweaks we turn your site into a seamless, streamlined online shopping destination. We ensure that more customers stop by your digital store every single day.